Are you ready for college? A college education costs money, and if you don’t take it seriously, you’ll just be wasting your time and money. Before registering for a college course, ensure you are studying for the right reasons.

What are your reasons for
wanting to further your studies?

When applying for college, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. As mentioned, many students think college is a place where you socialise and have fun. It is not. College is a place where you develop your knowledge and skills to improve your life in the long run. It is a place where you prepare for your future career. If these are not the reasons you want to get a college education, then you should reconsider your study plans.

Reasons to apply for college:

  • A college education can improve your job opportunities.
  • You might earn a better salary.
  • It provides a stepping-stone, meaning you can build on your knowledge and maybe
    study towards a degree or even an MBA.
  • Self-improvement / satisfaction.
Are you ready for college

staying motivated througout your studies

Staying motivated throughout
your college studies

Students often struggle to stay motivated throughout their studies, and some end up failing at the end of the year. To get the most out of your college education, make use of these simple tricks to stay motivated throughout your studies, and pass the first time around.

Set achievable goals

Rather than setting huge long-term goals for yourself, set smaller achievable ones. Not only will this help minimise your stress, but you will also feel you are getting somewhere with your studies. You should also give yourself enough time to prepare for an exam or complete an assignment. Waiting until the last minute to get work done will only result in excessive stress, sleepless nights and unnecessary mistakes. Get a diary and write everything down. Ensure that you will have enough time to get all your tasks done ahead of time. This will give you a sense of control and once again help you achieve your study goals.

Create the perfect study environment

Procrastination is real. We often search for other things to do if we don’t feel like completing the task at hand. One way you can steer clear from procrastination is by creating the perfect study environment. Your study environment should be clear from distractions, and should only have the necessary tools for studying. This includes notebooks, textbooks, stationery, a water bottle and a computer. No TV’s, radios or social media. If there is nothing to distract you, you should have no problem focusing on your college work, completing your assignments or preparing for an exam.

Reward yourself

Goals and rewards go hand in hand - whenever you have reached a goal, reward yourself. This can be anything. For example, if you have been studying for three hours, take a break and reward yourself with a snack and some fresh air. If you have completed a big assignment, take a few hours off and relax, or go out and do something fun. You don’t always have to go on a spending spree to reward yourself. Watch a few episodes of your favourite TV series or visit a friend.

Remember, studying is not always going to be fun. However, keep reminding yourself why you applied for college in the first place.

  • You want to pursue your dream career.
  • You want to buy your own house one day.
  • You want a good salary.
  • You want to make your family proud.
  • You want to be able to provide for your own family one day.

What to do if you applied for a course
at the wrong college

Before you simply decide that you have chosen the wrong college, remember the following:

  • You worked really hard to get into this college.
  • You did your research before you applied to this college.
  • You are probably already halfway through your first year.
  • Don’t give up just because things aren’t going so well right now.
  • Give it time and push yourself.

If you discover that you really applied at the wrong college, contact the administration office immediately and ask them about their cancellation policy. If you’re lucky, the college might reimburse you, but it’s doubtful. Students rarely get their registration fee back, and if you paid your course upfront, you probably won't see that money again. Therefore, it is so important to do your research before you submit your college application. Make sure you choose the right college and the right college course.

apply for the wrong college