First, to register for a college course, you must supply the college with the correct contact information. If you give the registration office the wrong email address or contact number, there is no way they will be able to reach you or let you know whether you have been accepted. Ensure that you complete all fields on your registration form and supply all the required documentation. This will help speed up the registration process. Lastly, if you have to pay a registration fee, ensure that you have the money up front. Colleges rarely accept college application forms if the student doesn’t pay the registration or admin fee immediately.

How to apply
for college

First, find a college that meets your educational needs. Once you have shortlisted a few colleges, contact their administration offices, and find out how their college application process works and whether they offer the course you want to study.

Questions to ask the college:

  • Are you a registered college?
  • What type of courses do you offer? (Accredited and non-accredited)
  • Is the course I want to study recognised or not?
  • When can I register for a course and what are your registration deadlines?
  • What are your course entry requirements?
  • How much does the course cost?
  • Do I have to pay anything extra?
  • How much money do I have to pay up front?
  • Where can I apply for a course? Do you have an online application form, or do I have to visit your registration office?
  • What personal documents do I have to submit with my college application form?
College Application
what do you need to apply2

What do you need to
apply for college?

For your college application to be successful, you have to submit a list of personal documents. To save time, it is best to gather all the necessary documentation before submitting your college application.

You will need to supply the college with the following documentation:

  • A certified copy of your ID (Visit your local police station and get a copy of your
    ID certified; remember to take your original ID document with as well.)
  • A copy of your Matric certificate or highest level passed
  • Your latest school report
  • Proof of residence

It’s also vital that you have a valid email address and working contact number. If you do not have a valid email address, you can create one for free using Gmail.

When should you
apply for college?

You can apply for college as soon as you get your Matric results. The earlier you submit your college application form, the better your chances are of getting in. Also, keep in mind that some colleges have registration cut-off dates. Ensure that you apply for college before registration closes. If you are employed and want to further your studies, you can apply for college as soon as registration is open, and you have the money and time to pursue a field of study.

when should you apply for college

what is the secret for getting into college

What is the secret for
getting into college?

There is no secret to getting into college. If you have good grades, meet the entrance requirements and pay the required admin or registration fee, you should have no problem getting into a college. However, some colleges have limited space. This means that you have to submit your college application form early to avoid disappointment. Visit for important college application dates. Ensure that you have all the necessary documentation when submitting your application forms. If you cannot get into college because of limited space, consider enrolling at a distance learning college such as College SA. Distance learning colleges do not have problems with space because they do not offer face-to-face classes. Distance learning students study from the comfort of their own home – meaning unlimited space.

Should you use an online college application
form or a printed college application form?

Most colleges today have online application forms, which is a bonus. It speeds up the application process because you don’t have to travel to a designated registration office. The college will also receive your application as soon as you hit ‘submit’, which speeds up the whole registration process. However, if you do not have easy access to a computer or the Internet, print out your college application form and submit it when you are ready. Alternatively, you can visit the college you want to study at, and ask them to print an application form for you.

online or printed application form
What should you do if your college application is unsuccessful

What should you do if your college
application is unsuccessful?

Just because you didn’t get accepted at one college, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Search for other colleges that also offer the course that you are interested in, and apply to them. For a list of registered colleges in South Africa, visit Colleges. They have a big list of public and private colleges in South Africa.